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“Firstly Drift Stumble Fall is so very gripping, and has been written with so much emotion, that I found myself compelled to read on! I really felt for both Richard and Bill, and what they were both going through; which I think in today’s world people will be able to relate to in some way or another. I think this story brings to the for front that one can never assume what anyone is going on in other people’s life’s, because things are not always what you see. Both of these men seem to have depression, and I think the author has written this really well, with feeling and raw emotion which I as the reader really felt while reading.
This book was truly and utterly un-put dawn able, and I really think this book is going to do very well. I just can’t believe I’ve never discovered M Jonathan Lee writing before now, it’s exceptional!!!! I will defiantly be reading more of his work in the future for sure. I highly recommend Drift Stumble Fall, of what was a gripping read that is so relatable.”


“It’s a hard book to review – I must admit to similar feelings of craving time alone from the busy life of work and home so I get where he is coming from (but thankfully have never felt the urge just to pack it all in).
M Jonathan Lee has himself suffered from anxiety and depression and he draws on these experiences in this book. Unfortunately, it left me feeling a bit depressed. But I did enjoy the writing and would definitely be interested to see what else this author writes/has written.”


“Drift Stumble Fall is not a fast paced novel. It’s written about the mundane tasks, the restlessness, the theory that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In a lot of ways it’s actually very bleak. However, at no point did I ever want to put the book down. I NEEDED to know how his escape was going to pan out, and with every turn of the page I found myself becoming more and more involved in Richard’s life. A few tears were even shed.

Ultimately, this is one of those rare books that makes you question your entire existence. From the moment we leave the womb, society tells us to aspire to finding a great job, to marry someone you think you could put with for the next fifty years and soon after, to become a parent. But what about those of us who feel suffocated by the norm? This one’s for you.”


“This is such a beautifully heartbreaking story, completely captivating and sadly relatable. It’s a true showing of how we think the grass is always greener on the other side and the reality that we never truly know what goes on in people’s lives behind closed doors.
Someones life may look idyllic, perfect even.. so much so you would want to swap places with them, all the while they’re looking back at you and thinking they’d rather have your perfect looking life.
Thank you to Hideaway Fall for sending me a copy of Drift Stumble Fall by M. Jonathan Lee to review, it really took me by surprise I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved it and it’s definitely a book I will read again and recommend.”


“Drift Stumble Fall is a deceptively gentle book, with its piercing insights about the secrets that people hold inside, the words unsaid, the fears they can’t express aloud, and the loneliness that can exist even when surrounded by a family. It’s an often devastating portrait of an ordinary man struggling with the everyday, yet is written with a sense of humour which means it never feels hard-going and with a sense of tension that builds gradually as we wait to see if Richard really will leave. With a truly affecting conclusion, Drift Stumble Fall is a touching and realistic portrayal of a man who feels he isn’t enough and as such is an important and sensitive look at the vitally important topic of male mental health. I highly recommend it and am very much looking forward to reading more of M. Jonathan Lee’s books in the future.”