“The book stirred a lot of my emotions, which to me shows that M Jonathan Lee is a brilliant author.”

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Kelly Hoggons

“…addicting and gripping, but also extremely vivid…and so intense.”

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“…really cinematic.” for the complete review

“…a sense of unease and mystery throughout the book…”

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“…this is a good read and will definitely get your mind thinking…”

“…the build up to the end of the story is done brilliantly.  I was hooked, and couldn’t put it down.”

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“I got glued to it to find out if the curse was real.”

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“You know that something is going to happen and that the author is waiting until the end to deliver it to you.” for the full review

“The writing is solid and it is easy to read, with plenty to keep the reader guessing and a few twists along the way.”

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“The writing flowed well and was very descriptive.  The setting was creepy and haunting.” has the full review

“I liked it, but at the same time, it was greatly disturbing.”

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“I loved getting the background and liked the way the author was able to show that things were not always the way that Ian initially saw them.” for the full review

“…it was really well written and the slower pace worked like a charm.”

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“…it was the kind of book that kept the intrigue up enough to keep me interested in the outcome.” has the full review

“And this story could be developed into a deliciously unsettling film.”


“…these descriptions had me imaging myself sitting in the study with him frantically working through each piece searching for that missing link!”


“It was cool how I never knew which chapters were going to tell me just a little bit more.”

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“The sort of tale that buries itself deep into your mind and finds a lasting home.” is where you’ll find the full review

“The ending was a bit of a shock…and will have you completely re-think the story.” has the complete review

“The writing is smooth and controlled, leading the reader by the hand and sprinkling breadcrumbs through the tale as it speeds towards its heartbreaking twist of an ending.”


“…the type of story that drives you mad in the best possible way.”‘s full review is here

“For me, the ending alone took Broken Branches up half a star.”

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“Lee has woven a brilliant tapestry that tackles a very important and prevalent issue in society today: mental health.” has the full review

“…the writing style, how crisp and important every single word felt, kept me compelled the whole way through.”

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” would definitely recommend this book if you want a read that you have to think about and that you will have no real clue what is going on until the end (in a good way).”

“…a plotline with a hint of the past, a bite of the present with an accumulation of twists which will make your head spin…”

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“It is moving.  It is brave.  I recommend it to you!” has the whole review

“I immediately wanted to go back and re-read it, to pick up the clues I previously overlooked and appreciate the cleverness of Lee.”

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“…had this story been a film – I would have been hiding behind a cushion at times as this is a story that will have your pulse racing.” has the full review

“It cleverly mixes the normality of life with the bizarre!”


“I had to stop the book with less than ten pages left because I was crying real tears and couldn’t see my book.”

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“M. Jonathan Lee manages to convey a rather eerie tone, with mysterious going-ons which remain thought-provoking and intriguing without being too ‘obvious’.”

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“…If, like me, Broken Branches isn’t the type of book you would normally enjoy, then I would urge you to give it a go, as you might just be surprised!”

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“…what a masterstroke the author of Broken Branches pulls to finish this enjoyable book…”

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“…the authors voice is unique in that I can say I haven’t read a book like this before.” for the full review

“A history of tragedies build to a crescendo by the end of the book that lend a dark feel to the story.”

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“…much like a tree branch we can bend but we must not break.”

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“Are the broken branches the threads of his past woven into his family tree or are they the actual branches of the tree which overshadows all events in this creepy old cottage?”

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“It’s like having a jigsaw in front of you, some of the pieces are missing, some are from a different set, and some aren’t actually jigsaw pieces at all, but they all look like they fit.” for the full review

“It is always riveting thanks to Lee’s vivid writing and his knack for mind-bending plot twists.”

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“His words flowed effortlessly across the pages and gives the reader a great depth of feelings for the simple things he describes.” has the full review

“…my curiosity, at first piqued by this illustration, was sustained until the final page”

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“I was completely immersed into the dark, eerie mind of Ian…I was gripped right till the very end!

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“…left me considering the outcome of the story for quite a while afterwards.”

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“I was uncomfortably aware of this tree, whether it was directly mentioned or not, and it was deliciously unsettling.”

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“This book is chilling, haunting and fascinating.”

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I wasn’t completely sure what I was reading about, all I knew was that I wanted to keep reading.  So, so good!”

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“Unique not only in style but also in execution.”’s full review is here