“A Tiny Feeling of Fear” may well become your new favourite book. It certainly is mine.

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Nick Jones


I really enjoyed this book. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy I exchange for an honest review, without which, I may not have come across it.

Lee tackled a difficult subject matter with understanding and respect and if you haven’t already lived with mental illness in one way or another, it would surely act as an eye opener. There was a lot of the story that would resonate with a wide audience. The day to day mundane is a familiar theme at least.

As I started the book I was slightly concerned that it could be a little heavy due to the subject matter, however as I turned page after page, I realised I had nothing to worry about. It is very well written and kept me involved from start to finish. I enjoyed the story being told in first person narrative. I liked that Andrew was talking to me, it helps the reader to connect, whether or not they truly understand his daily struggle. The pace changed throughout the book, almost reflecting his current state of mind, again, helping you connect to Andrew.

This is without doubt, the best book I’ve read in a while, and now I know what I know from the ending, I will be reading it again very soon. I would absolutely recommend this book and I will certainly be looking out for other books by the author, as I really enjoyed his writing style.

C J Parker


“The first 5* review I’ve given this year. A fantastic and brave story.”

A Tiny Feeling of Fear has such an authentic feel to it that I’ve no doubt large portions of it are confessional. I know from personal experience the exact feelings he describes so perfectly. The prose is measured and detailed but at no point slows the pace down too much. It is also very cleverly done, and I guarantee you will want to re-read it again once you get to the end, and know the full story.

Andrew Webber


A Tiny Feeling of Fear’ deals not only with issues of mental health, but identity, humanity, love and parenthood. Due to the fact Andrew Walker is an extremely anxious individual, as a reader, you cannot help but be physically effected by his narrative.

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Sophie Tumilty


Andrew Walker lets the reader into his life and talks to us about what is going on in his mind, the difficulties he faces suffering from anxiety and depression and how he sees the world around him and how on the outside he seems fine and successful in his career, but inside he is struggling and fighting a battle within himself.

Andrew Walker is a fictional character but with the story been told from his first person point of view he becomes very real and the lively, fast pace of the book draws you into Andrew’s world. Here the reader becomes the confidant. This makes the book interesting and different and because it is so well written it really works and the reader does not become disinterested from this point of view. A lot of people will be able to relate to the circumstances Andrew is going through too.

Nikki Bywater

Blogger, Nikkisbookblog

Any book that has you waking up thinking about it has to get 5 stars (I would give more if it was possible).
Another superb piece of writing from this author.
I became intrigued with the story from the first chapter – and remain intrigued after finishing the book. It has certainly got me thinking.

It is the first book that I have wanted to re-read as soon as I had finished it.
Jonathans first book The Radio made me cry – his second one The Page made me gasp and this one has blown me away – fabulous work & genius writing.

Mrs A Green


I felt exhilarated and manipulated all at the same time, and there were times where I wasn’t sure what just happened. Jonathan Lee is crazy talented and crafty as hell to have pulled this off, that is about all I can say without spoiling the surprise.

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Kyle Wendy Skultety


Milly Johnson described A Tiny Feeling of Fear as ‘original and inspiring.’

Milly Johnson

Sunday Times Best-Selling Author