Meet our Authors

We caught up with our favourite author to get to know the man behind the books a little more.

Tell us, Jonathan, what’s so great about living in the north of England?

Ah, the North. The best place in the world. The north is friendly, open and the people are down to earth. Pretension is treated with scorn and there is a real spirit that we are all in it together, whatever it may be at any one time. During the current outbreak, it is amazing how people have pulled together for one another. Aside from the people (who make any area what it is) we have beautiful lush green countryside, fields, lakes, you name it. You can be in a city and fifteen minutes later in open countryside. It’s beautiful. 

Have you always enjoyed storytelling?

I think I have, yes. My love began with Roald Dahl and his unexpected tales. I loved the idea that you can take a reader in a certain direction and then reveal something different. It’s like a punchline to a joke. It takes a huge amount of effort to ensure you give nothing away throughout the story, before lifting the veil and kind of saying “surprise! Whatever you have been thinking during this story, well, this is actually what’s happening!” I love it. I love writing. 

What type of reading have you enjoyed, and has that influenced your own style?

I love reading true crime, because as my books probably show I am hugely interested in the human condition and why people act in the way they do. As you would expect with with true crime, the books are usually written about the worst crimes and therefore these types of horrific actions are interesting as far as human psychology is concerned. I’m very squeamish though, so don’t like to hear of the actual criminal acts. I hate blood. As far as style is concerned, I’m a huge fan of Mark Haddon and Nick Hornby. I like their style, their colloquialism and their use of words with which they don’t try to impress readers with long words that kill the book’s rhythm. As I said before, Roald Dahl is my absolute favourite. Genius.

Which book do you wish you’d written?

Great question. I think probably the Life of Pi. Fantasy (if that is what it is) is not really my genre and I am not sure I’d be very good at writing it. However, Life of Pi takes you on a magical journey and then, when you think it has perhaps all gone too far, we are brought back to reality in five short pages at the end which alters our whole reality. It’s such a brilliant book.

What do you do to relax?

Hmm. Read. Listen to music. Watch films. Go to gigs. Gardening, and growing plants from seed is my latest hobby. I absolute love the beauty of the development of plants and I am continually stunned how a small non-descript seed can turn into what it does. Blows my mind.

Favourite place on earth?

There are favourite places for different things I suppose. My favourite country is New Zealand, it is so varied and beautiful. There is so much to see and so many different areas in such a small place. I’m a fan of Seattle as well. I suppose the rain reminds me of home. I do love being in front of my computer, writing as well as flopped on the sofa.

Favourite time of day?

First thing. I never thought I’d say that but I’m not a night owl. I love the bird song, I love the sun coming up. 

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