A Tiny Feeling Of Fear by M. Jonathan Lee


I’ve made a decision to become the only person on this planet to be entirely truthful about everything.

I’ve never told anyone my secrets before.

I’m hoping that being honest with you may just save my life.

And perhaps yours.

All profits from the sale of ‘A Tiny Feeling of Fear’ will go directly into improving local mental health services and supporting mental health charities.

What inspired the story

This was written probably at the darkest time of my life. I was living alone after my marriage broke down and I was missing my kids terribly. I went from doing bedtime every night to once a week. Yet, I was somehow able to go into work and be a completely different person from outside work. I could make people laugh all day and people would actually comment on my cheery nature when inside I was completely collapsing. ATFOF was trying to tell people how I felt. I was scared and couldn’t put it into words to anyone close to me. I’m not sure how I came through the other side.

— M. Jonathan Lee M. Jonathan Lee
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