Got a Book Idea?

The one thing that Hideaway Fall want to be known for is bringing something different to readers throughout the world. We want something kooky, something with a twist, something that makes you go wow, something punchy, something that flows like a story should. The type of book that you just have to keep reading.

We don’t want flowery language for the sake of it, we don’t want to have to look at a thesaurus while reading and interrupt the flow, we don’t want an author who exists to show their audience how clever they are.

We operate a strict policy for submissions so do read carefully. We have to want to read your manuscript so it needs to appeal to us. So, from the outset we are only interested in fiction. We are not interested in military books, police procedurals, sci-fi or romance. There is nothing wrong with these genres, they are just not our bag.

We want you to email us your submissions. To kick off, all we need is your bio (who you are, your age, any writing experience, what you like to do apart from writing) and a two hundred word synopsis of your story. If it grabs us, we’ll let you know within six weeks.

  • please include age, any writing experience, what you like to do apart from writing
  • 200 words max